Kuwait Warns Again of Heavy Fines for Water Balloon Throwing

  • Publish date: Saturday، 24 February 2024
Kuwait Warns Again of Heavy Fines for Water Balloon Throwing

In a stern message to residents and expatriates, Eng. Samira Al-Kandari, Acting Director General of the Environment Public Authority, reiterated the importance of maintaining cleanliness and adhering to environmental regulations during Kuwait's national holiday celebrations, including the ban on water balloon throwing.

Al-Kandari emphasized the imperative need for all individuals to refrain from littering, specifically highlighting the disposal of balloons. Offenders may face fines ranging from 50 to 500 dinars, as per the law's provisions.

Joint inspection teams, comprising personnel from both agencies, will be deployed to monitor celebration sites and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Al-Kandari further revealed that Environment Public Authority officers would be stationed throughout the holiday period to oversee environmental conditions.

Close coordination with the Ministry of Interior's Environmental Police aims to deter negative behaviors and uphold environmental standards.

To complement enforcement efforts, a dedicated team of environmental officers has been mobilized across the country to raise awareness and mitigate pollution during the national holiday period.

Measures have been taken to curtail the use of environmentally harmful materials, including foam, chemicals, and plastic and rubber waste like balloons, with the Ministry of Commerce issuing a directive to prohibit their usage during the festivities.

Reasons cited by the Ministry of Commerce for the ban include:

  1. Excessive water wastage during national holiday celebrations.
  2. Increased risk of accidents and property damage due to the use of balloons and water sprinklers.
  3. High incidence of injuries, particularly facial and ocular, resulting from liquids filled in water pistols.
  4. Escalation in physical altercations during holiday periods, often instigated by the throwing of balloons and water.

The decision underscores the government's unwavering commitment to addressing public safety concerns and promoting responsible conduct during festive occasions.

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