Electricity and Water Tariffs to Increase by 50%

The hike in tariffs will be implemented in 2023.

  • Publish date: Monday، 20 March 2023 Last update: Tuesday، 21 March 2023
Electricity and Water Tariffs to Increase by 50%

The Ministry of Electricity and Water has organized an executive study to increase electricity and water tariffs by 50%, which will be implemented in 2023 after approval from the National Assembly.

The sources of the news have said "the executive study to increase prices of electricity and water has been ready for some time, but the government’s resignation delayed its implementation. However, citizens will be excluded from this increase in their private homes, while their investment and commercial properties will be subject to the increases. The ministry says the increase is necessary due to the rise in global energy prices as well as the burden it represents on the ministry’s budget and public funds.”

The increase in electricity and water tariffs will be applied to citizens who own more than one home because the old prices will only be applied to their first homes. Sources emphasized that the increase in electricity and water prices is global and has already occurred in many countries. 

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