Kuwait's MoI Plans Crackdown on Residency Violators

  • Publish date: Saturday، 25 May 2024
Kuwait's MoI Plans Crackdown on Residency Violators

As the deadline for the ongoing three-month residency amnesty approaches, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued a stern warning of an impending crackdown on violators.

Introduced on March 17, the amnesty aimed to provide relief to expatriates living illegally in the country, offering them the opportunity to rectify their status or depart without facing penalties.

Under the terms of the amnesty, expatriates had two choices: regularize their stay by paying fines and updating their residency status, or exit the country through any border without requiring prior permission. However, with the amnesty set to conclude on June 17, the MoI has signaled its intent to initiate an "unprecedented" enforcement campaign against violators.

According to Maj Gen Ali Al-Adwani, the MoI's Undersecretary for Residency Affairs, expatriates with expired passports must first obtain new passports from their respective embassies. They are then required to update their information at any residency department before departing the country legally. Notably, expatriates who opt to leave without paying fines will retain the right to return to the country at a later date.

Emphasizing the rigor of the forthcoming crackdown, Maj Gen Al-Adwani underscored that both violators and those providing them shelter will face penalties. The enforcement measures are expected to be more stringent than previous campaigns, with intensified and distinct strategies to root out residency violations across the nation.

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