Kuwait and Philippines Plan to Resume Domestic Worker Recruitment

  • Publish date: Monday، 29 January 2024
Kuwait and Philippines Plan to Resume Domestic Worker Recruitment

To address the growing domestic worker shortage crisis fueled by Sri Lanka's revised recruitment prices, Kuwait and the Philippines are engaged in discussions to find solutions. Officials from both countries are planning to convene at the dialogue table to address the issue, aiming to resume sending new domestic workers from Manila, especially with the approaching month of Ramadan, a period of increased demand for these services.

Virtual Discussions Planned

The discussions are expected to take place virtually, using platforms like "Zoom." Bassam Al-Shammari, an expert in domestic labor affairs, indicates that Kuwaiti government agencies, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Interior, along with the Public Authority for Manpower, are currently reviewing the Philippine side's request to restart operations. Negotiations will be conducted through virtual meetings rather than traditional official delegations.

Urgent Government Action Needed

Al-Shammari emphasizes the urgency for swift government action to finalize discussions that began last month in Kuwait. While initial discussions were positive, challenges arose from Manila's insistence on labor shelters established by its embassy in Kuwait.

Warning of Imminent Crisis

Al-Shammari warns of an imminent labor shortage crisis in the Kuwaiti market within the next two months unless obstacles hindering local recruitment offices are promptly addressed. These offices are crucial in bringing in new workers to meet the demands of citizens. Approximately 200,000 Filipino domestic workers make up 50 percent of the total domestic workforce in Kuwait, highlighting their importance to both Kuwaiti and expatriate families due to their communication skills, education levels, and familiarity with local customs and traditions.

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