Kuwait Offers a Three-Month Residency Amnesty

Discover the details of Kuwait's new amnesty initiative for visa violators.

  • Publish date: Saturday، 16 March 2024
Kuwait Offers a Three-Month Residency Amnesty

Kuwait's interior ministry has announced a three-month amnesty for residency violators, granting expats living illegally in the country a chance to legalize their stay or leave without facing fines.

The amnesty period, starting from March 17th and extending until June 17th, comes in light of the holy month of Ramadan and HH the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah's assumption of leadership.

During this amnesty, expatriates residing unlawfully in Kuwait have the option to regularize their stay by settling any outstanding fines associated with their residency violations. These fines amount to KD 2 per day, with a maximum penalty capped at KD 600, as specified by the interior ministry.

For those unable to pay the fines, the amnesty provides an alternative. They can choose to exit Kuwait from any designated point of departure without being subjected to fines. However, upon departure, they must undergo the necessary procedures as per the laws and regulations governing reentry into Kuwait.

Failure to utilize the amnesty period may result in severe consequences. Violators who do not legalize their status or depart from Kuwait within the stipulated timeframe will face deportation to their home countries. Moreover, they will be barred from returning to Kuwait and may face additional penalties in accordance with the law.

Expatriates encountering administrative challenges or involved in legal proceedings related to their residency status are advised to seek assistance from the residency affairs department. Each case will be carefully evaluated to determine eligibility for residency regularization under the amnesty provisions.

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