Expat Nurse Sentenced to 10 Years for Forging Documents in Kuwait

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 December 2023
Expat Nurse Sentenced to 10 Years for Forging Documents in Kuwait

The Criminal Court in Kuwait has sentenced an Egyptian nurse to ten years of imprisonment for falsifying documents to secure employment within the Ministry of Health. Additionally, the court imposed a substantial fine of KD 21,000 for the unjustified salaries received over five years. Another individual involved in forging the nurse's appointment faced a fine of KD 5,000.

Charges and Denials

The Public Prosecution had charged both suspects with the crime of forging official documents to secure positions within the Ministry of Health. The charges also included the utilization of unofficial paperwork, resulting in the unlawful acquisition of monetary sums. Despite the prosecution's accusations, both suspects denied the charges attributed to them.

Legal Implications

The court's decision reflects the gravity of the offense, emphasizing the severe consequences for individuals engaged in document forgery and financial misappropriation. The sentencing of the Egyptian nurse to a decade in prison and the imposition of fines underscore the legal system's commitment to maintaining integrity within the employment sector and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Case Overview

The case pertained to the fraudulent acquisition of positions within Kuwait's Ministry of Health through the use of counterfeit documents, leading to the reception of unmerited salaries. While the accused denied involvement, the court's ruling serves as a clear message regarding the stringent measures against such illegal practices.

The result of Legal Proceedings

This judicial decision marks a significant step in addressing instances of document forgery and financial exploitation in employment sectors. The ruling stands as a warning, highlighting the legal effects for individuals involved in fraudulent practices within Kuwait's governmental institutions.

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