Kuwait Warns of Power Cuts Amid Soaring Summer Heat

  • Publish date: Friday، 21 June 2024
Kuwait Warns of Power Cuts Amid Soaring Summer Heat

Kuwait is bracing for major power cuts as extreme summer heat strains the country's electricity supply. The Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy announced potential systematic power cuts from 11 am to 5 pm, lasting one to two hours. The ministry will provide real-time updates via social media, informing residents of the timings per area an hour in advance.

On Wednesday, parts of Kuwait experienced power outages, exacerbating the scorching summer conditions as temperatures soared to 52 degrees Celsius. Emergency teams are working diligently to restore power to affected areas.

The ministry urges the public to limit electricity consumption during peak hours to ensure a continuous supply. This proactive measure aims to manage the high demand and maintain stability in the face of the intense summer heat. 

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