Watch: Heavy Rainfall Takes Over Kuwait

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 March 2023
Watch: Heavy Rainfall Takes Over Kuwait

Kuwait witnessed unsteady weather on Sunday evening, marked by heavy rainfall, thunderstorm, and even hailstorm, causing slippery, rain-drenched roads, and low visibility.

Several roads have been closed due to downpours, including the Third Ring Road with Canada Dry Street, the Fourth Ring Road with Al-Ghazali Road, and the diversions of Damascus Street towards Al-Jahra, the Ministry of Interior announced.

The ministry added today that Al-Maghrib Road along with the Fourth Ring Road in both directions will stay closed until water is completely drained out.

Kuwait National Guard (KNG) and Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) said their emergency teams are offering support in dealing with the ponds and traffic jams resulting from the heavy rains. 

Traffic jams were witnessed in some areas, including sections of Al-Ghazali Highway, and the intersections of Al-Maghreb Highway and the Fourth Ring Road. 

The KFF also addressed 57 reports of minor accidents as some motorists got stuck on the roads due to high levels of water.

The KFF teams rescued 45 people safely, the statement said, the KFF Public Relations and Media Department said in a press release. 

Meanwhile, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Ahmad Al-Weheidah, said in a press that the study would continue normally today, March 27th, as all educational facilities are safe and fine.

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