Kuwait Warns of Ransomware Link Virus Affecting Individuals

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023
Kuwait Warns of Ransomware Link Virus Affecting Individuals

Kuwait warned against a spreading virus, which is a ransomware link claiming to be a video clip of scenes of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, revealing that a number of Kuwaiti companies have fallen victim to this virus. 

In a press statement, Al-Rashidi said, “Once the link is opened, all files are encrypted and money is requested in exchange for decrypting this encryption. Hackers are taking advantage of global events to encrypt files, use social engineering, and make fake links about global events such as earthquakes. When people click the link, the device is hacked and given a 24-hour deadline with the threat that in the event of non-payment, all the files in the device will be completely destroyed, either personal or company files.”

He added, “Dealing with ransomware (malicious software) is based on the user’s awareness, which is the biggest bulwark, because there is no one ready to protect himself from such attempts.”

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