Women and Children to be Prioritized in Kuwait's Social Policy

  • Publish date: Friday، 27 January 2023 Last update: Monday، 06 February 2023
Women and Children to be Prioritized in Kuwait's Social Policy

Dr. Khaled Mahdi, general secretary of the Higher Council for Planning and Development, stated on Thursday that Kuwait's social policy will place a high emphasis on empowering women, promoting early childhood development, and growing the education and health sectors.

The Kuwait Center for Public Policies sponsored the talk, which was titled "International Experiences in Building Social Policies to Enhance Economic Growth." With a focus on inclusion and empowerment, it examined contemporary methods for developing social policies that result in social welfare and how to sustain it.

"The general focus is on concepts related to early childhood and women’s empowerment because it is considered the main entry point for any long-term social change. Kuwait’s social policies are always mentioned in development plans as they are related to education, social security, early childhood development, health care, women’s empowerment, and economic integration," Mahdi said.

During the lecture, Francois Farah, a United Nations expert, stressed that when developing comprehensive social programs, Arab nations must prioritize caring for their youth. He explained that because of the long-term aspect of the policies involved, it could be necessary to wait a while before seeing the results.

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