Kuwait's New Visa Rules: Family Visas 1 Month, Tourist Visas 3 Months

  • Publish date: Thursday، 08 February 2024
Kuwait's New Visa Rules: Family Visas 1 Month, Tourist Visas 3 Months

Kuwait has rolled out updated visa regulations, with family visit visas now valid for one month and tourist visas extended to three months. These changes follow recent announcements from the Ministry of Interior regarding visa issuance under new conditions, aimed at facilitating the entry process for expatriates.

Key Conditions for Visa Applicants

Applicants for family visit visas must have a monthly salary of not less than KD 400 for parents, spouse, and children, and KD 800 for other relatives. It is mandatory to adhere to the specified duration of the visit, and round-trip flight tickets on national airlines are required. Notably, requests to convert visit visas into residence permits will not be entertained.

Visa Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to utilize the Mata app for appointments and submissions, ensuring a streamlined process and avoiding overcrowding in Residency Affairs departments. The application process entails filling out forms, attaching necessary documents, and submission to the department through the Mata app.

Transaction Overview

Residency Affairs departments received approximately 900 transactions in a single morning, indicating a significant influx of applicants. Data extraction and review procedures are in place to verify compliance with set conditions, emphasizing the importance of securing appointments via the Mata app for the organized reception of expatriates.

Continued Monitoring and Compliance

The Ministry of Interior emphasizes strict adherence to visa conditions, with violators subject to legal consequences. Medical treatments for visitors are available in designated hospitals and health centers, with violators of the visit duration included in security control systems for follow-up by Residency Affairs authorities.

Stimulating Economic and Tourism Movement

These visa adjustments are part of Kuwait's broader strategy to stimulate commercial, economic, and tourism activities while prioritizing social aspects such as family visit visas. The Ministry of Interior affirms its commitment to facilitating entry procedures for expatriates while ensuring compliance with regulations.

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