University Degree Holders Show the Highest Divorce Rate in Statistics

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 November 2023
University Degree Holders Show the Highest Divorce Rate in Statistics

Recent statistics released by Kuwait's Sharia Documentation Department within the Ministry of Justice shed light on marriage and divorce trends in the country from January to October 2023. According to the data reported by Al-Qabas daily, Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti marriages during this period totaled 7,300. The breakdown revealed 1,100 Kuwaiti men married to non-Kuwaiti women, while 420 Kuwaiti women tied the knot with non-Kuwaiti men. Additionally, 170 non-Kuwaiti men married non-Kuwaiti women, and 48 Kuwaiti women wed Bedoun men.

Insights on Marriage and Divorce

The statistics highlighted that the highest rate of marriage and divorce occurred among individuals holding university degrees. Divorce cases among Kuwaitis were notably prevalent in couples with fewer children, with 650 divorces reported among couples having only one child. Conversely, the lowest number of divorces appeared among Kuwaiti couples with several children, with 130 divorces among those with six children and 320 among those with four children.

Marriage Trends by Nationality and Education

Among Kuwaiti men marrying non-Kuwaiti women in Kuwait, the data pointed out that the highest number of marriages were with Saudi Arabian women (380 marriages). Moreover, Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaiti men included 200 marriages with Saudi Arabians, among other nationalities.

Education also played a role in marital trends, with university graduates contributing significantly to Kuwaiti-Kuwaiti marriages, reaching 2,500. Surprisingly, some marriages were recorded between individuals with different educational backgrounds, including instances where individuals with primary school diplomas or intermediate diplomas married across various nationalities.

Divorce Rates and Education Levels

The statistics also revealed insights into divorce rates across educational levels, with 4,100 divorces among over 200,000 marriage contracts recorded by the Public Authority for Civil Information. A substantial number of divorces, 800 cases, occurred among university students, followed by 61 among those with primary school education and nine among illiterate individuals of diverse nationalities.

These statistics offer a comprehensive view of marriage and divorce trends among Kuwaitis, providing valuable insights into the dynamics within the country's social fabric.

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