Kuwaiti Interior Minister Promises to Approve Family Visas for Expats

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 December 2023
Kuwaiti Interior Minister Promises to Approve Family Visas for Expats

Kuwait's Interior Minister Sheikh Talal Al Khaled Al Sabah promised on Wednesday, Dec. 13 that the ministry will approve dependent visas for expatriates.

The minister assured that all kinds of visas will be approved for expats after the National Assembly approves the amendments to the residency law in the upcoming week.

Disadvantages of Stopping the Issuance of Dependent Visas for Expats

Member of Parliament AbdulWahab Al Essa met with the Interior Minister to share the issues that have risen from stopping the issuance of dependent visas.

This issue has not only affected expats, but also the private sector, perpetuating a negative effect on the country's economy.

Al Essa stated, "Highly qualified and skilled people have deserted the country as a result of the freezing of dependent visas."

Highly skilled expats have left Kuwait to pursue careers in other GCC countries because they have not been able to reside in Kuwait with their families.

Stopping the issuance of dependent visas has also brought about a shortage of manpower, which has increased the cost of labor.

The interior minister has promised that once the National Assembly approves the amendments to the residency law, then the minister will remove the restrictions on the issuance of visas for expats.

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