Twitter Removes the Blue Tick from Kuwaiti Agencies and Ministries

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 April 2023
Twitter Removes the Blue Tick from Kuwaiti Agencies and Ministries

Due to a recent change in Twitter rules, the "blue tick" verification has been removed from a number of accounts, including Kuwaiti government-related Twitter accounts.

The policy now removes the verified tick from accounts that were validated using the prior method and charge $8 per month for a subscription to keep the blue tick.

Additionally, Twitter has taken away the blue ticks from accounts belonging to media organizations worldwide that are "state media" or "government-funded media."

All Kuwaiti ministries, with the exception of the Interior and Electricity Ministries, which are subscribers and paid for the blue tick, are among the impacted organizations. The blue tick verification has also been removed for the Kuwait Government Communication Center, Kuwait News Agency, and the majority of other government organizations.

Listed below are the Kuwaiti Ministries and agencies who have lost their verified tick on the Twitter platform:

Oil Ministry
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Health
The Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Endowments
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Finance
Communications Commission
Kuwait Municipality

Kuwait University
Residential Care Foundation
Army Staff Presidency
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)

Environment Agency
Government Communication Centre

Civil Information Authority
Manpower Authority
Road Authority
Sports Authority
Disabled Authority
Petroleum Corporation

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