Expatriate Population Surges to 68.3% of Kuwait's Total Population

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 February 2024
Expatriate Population Surges to 68.3% of Kuwait's Total Population

Recent data released by the Public Authority for Civil Information unveils a notable surge in the number of non-Kuwaiti residents in Kuwait, now comprising a significant 68.3 percent of the country's total population.

This increase marks a substantial rise from previous years and highlights shifting demographic trends within the nation.

In 2023, Kuwait witnessed its highest population growth rate since 2005, surpassing figures recorded in 2022. While the number of Kuwaiti citizens experienced a modest uptick of 1.9 percent, reaching 1.53 million, the growth rate remains relatively sluggish compared to previous years, reflecting a steady but gradual increase over time.

Of particular note is the burgeoning working-age population, constituting 62.7 percent of the total populace. Furthermore, a significant portion of individuals under the age of 15, accounting for 32.3 percent, suggests a future influx into the labor market, contributing to economic dynamics in the years ahead. Concurrently, the percentage of elderly citizens has also seen a notable rise, standing at 4.9 percent, aligning with global demographic shifts observed in both emerging and advanced economies.

Meanwhile, the non-Kuwaiti population has experienced a sharp 11 percent surge, reaching approximately 3.29 million individuals. This increase, although narrowing the gap with pre-pandemic levels, remains below the previous norm, indicating a gradual rebound in expatriate numbers. Currently comprising 68.3 percent of Kuwait's total population, expatriates have seen a slight uptick from previous years but still fall short of pre-pandemic figures.

A significant driver behind the rise in the expatriate workforce is the notable increase in domestic workers, which has seen a 16 percent annual uptick, totaling around 811,000 workers. This surge underscores the evolving labor landscape within Kuwait, reflecting changing employment dynamics amidst global challenges. Despite remaining around 9 percent lower than projected levels, Kuwait's population trajectory indicates a gradual return to pre-pandemic growth patterns, albeit with notable demographic shifts.

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