People in Kuwait Spent This Number on Coffee in 2022 Alone!

  • Publish date: Thursday، 05 October 2023 Last update: Friday، 13 October 2023
People in Kuwait Spent This Number on Coffee in 2022 Alone!

Are you a coffee addict? Well, this might be interesting to you then! According to a recent report by Statista, households in Kuwait spent approximately $236 million on purchasing coffee from supermarkets in 2022, making it the 8th highest spender among Arab countries and the 4th among the GCC nations. Saudi Arabia topped the list, with its population spending a whopping $995.5 million on supermarket coffee purchases.

Algeria secured the 2nd position in coffee spending among Arab countries in 2022, with $800 million spent, followed by Qatar in 3rd place with $443.2 million. The United Arab Emirates ranked 7th, just ahead of Kuwait, with expenditures totaling $282.7 million. Saudi Arabia topped the list with $995.5 million spent.

Despite the increase in global temperatures posing challenges to coffee production, the proliferation of cafes worldwide has led to a steady rise in coffee consumption. Visual Capitalist, an American website specializing in data and statistics, highlights the significance of developing newer hybrid coffee bean blends. Coffee holds the position of the third most consumed beverage globally, following water and tea.

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