Will Health Service Fees Increase for Expats in Kuwait?

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 August 2023
Will Health Service Fees Increase for Expats in Kuwait?

The cost of health services for expats in Kuwait may soon increase amid worries over medicine shortages. The Health Affairs Committee has delayed making a decision in order to gather more information before making recommendations to the National Assembly.

The Ministry of Health has reportedly received comments for its inconsistent decisions on the subject. While some acknowledgments mention widespread disruptions such as supply chain failures and shortages of basic materials, others avoid using the word "shortage." Instead, they imply a failure to provide patients with the necessary medications, either through primary medicines or their substitutes.

The Ministry guarantees the existence of a strong strategic drug reserve regardless of these obstacles.

Initiatives like source diversity are being examined to increase drug security and lessen the impact of global disruptions. In order to reduce medicine waste, additional strategies are being investigated, such as automated linkage and reduced expatriate medicine distribution prices.

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