Kuwait Launched an Airbridge for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 October 2023
Kuwait Launched an Airbridge for Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Kuwait launched an airbridge to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza and the first plane of the airbridge took off from the Abdullah Al-Mubarak airbase on Monday, Oct. 23.

The airbridge will allow Kuwait to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza.

The airbridge will continue to operate on a daily basis during this week, which will contain planes carrying basic and medical necessities to the Gaza Strip through the Al-Arish in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

The airbridge is managed by ministries of foreign affairs, defense, and health; the air force; the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, the Kuwait Relief Society, and other humanitarian organizations.

The lives of 120 newborn babies in incubators are endangered in Gaza as fuel is running out.

Electricity is needed to support the treatment of premature babies to help with their breathing support and other critical support.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Thursday that hospitals had already run out of fuel for their generators. 

Limited supplies of fuel are being diverted to keep generators for the medical equipment running. 

Gaza's health ministry has reported that 130 premature babies are in danger of dying with the limited fuel supply.

Kuwait's airbridge will deliver medical aid to Gaza to support these hospitals. 

If you want to donate to Palestine from Kuwait, check out the Kuwait Red Crescent Society website!

Image source: @k.r.c.s Instagram page

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