Kuwait Airways Reports Surge in Operational Activities

  • Publish date: Sunday، 21 April 2024
Kuwait Airways Reports Surge in Operational Activities

Kuwait Airways Company (KAC) revealed a notable uptick in operational activities, showcasing increased aircraft and passenger traffic across multiple months. In a recent press statement, KAC disclosed a significant rise in aircraft movements and passenger numbers during November and December 2023, as well as January and February 2024.

During November, aircraft traffic surged by 7%, with passenger traffic witnessing a remarkable 10% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Similarly, December experienced a 12% rise in aircraft traffic and a 9% spike in passenger traffic compared to December 2022.

January showcased even more impressive figures, with a remarkable 25% surge in aircraft traffic and a substantial 21% increase in passenger traffic compared to January 2023. The positive trend continued into February, with a 23% rise in aircraft traffic and a notable 13% increase in passenger traffic compared to February 2023.

As part of its strategic initiatives, KAC has adopted a new policy focusing on expanding direct operations on routes witnessing significant passenger growth. Moreover, the airline has introduced flights to new airports and chosen economically viable destinations to further enhance its services.

These encouraging results underscore KAC's commitment to achieving unprecedented levels of growth and excellence, aligning with its comprehensive development policy. The company remains dedicated to enhancing customer services while fostering collaboration with relevant authorities, particularly the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

Looking ahead, KAC has unveiled plans to introduce new destinations for the upcoming summer season, including cities in the Turkish Republic and Egypt, as well as European destinations like Spain, France, and Bosnia. Additionally, the airline has increased flights to various European and regional destinations to meet the growing demand, signaling a promising outlook for Kuwait's aviation sector.

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