Kuwait Plans to Implement Gender Segregation at Universities

  • Publish date: Saturday، 16 September 2023
Kuwait Plans to Implement Gender Segregation at Universities

Kuwait plans to implement gender segregation at universities, a controversial plan that comes in the run-up to Kuwait's new academic year.

The latest signal for the ban came from Kuwaiti MP Mohammad Hayef who reported that Education Minister Adel Al Manea had agreed to scrap registration for attending mixed lectures.

Kuwait's Constitutional Court, however, ruled in 2015 in favor of co-education explaining that a law prohibiting mixing at educational institutions can be implemented by simply providing female seats and male seats inside lecture halls.

Fayez Al Dhafiri, acting director of Kuwait University, said that the institution conforms to the mixing ban law, adding: "We are working to prevent mixing at studies unless an exceptional and specific need arises."

"The university will review academic sections and cancel the mixed ones among them that are not necessary."

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