Manpower Authority Launches Part-Time Work Permits for Expats

  • Publish date: Saturday، 03 February 2024
Manpower Authority Launches Part-Time Work Permits for Expats

The Public Authority for Manpower has introduced part-time work permits for expatriates in Kuwait. This marks the first time that expatriate manpower can officially engage in part-time jobs on a wide scale in the country.

The announcement was made via the authority's Sahel app platform, a user-friendly web-based platform.

Under the new program, expatriates legally residing and working in Kuwait can pursue part-time employment, subject to the approval of their official sponsors. Part-time work is limited to four hours daily, with the exception of construction laborers who may work longer hours.

The initiative aims to enhance the labor market, provide benefits to businesses, and optimize the utilization of the foreign workforce in the country, addressing demographic imbalances.

Currently, foreigners constitute over two-thirds of Kuwait's 4.5 million population, and the government is working towards achieving demographic balance with native Kuwaitis. A ministerial committee has been established to implement measures to attain this objective.

Expatriates interested in obtaining part-time work permits will be required to pay fees, with options ranging from KD 5 per month to KD 30 for one year. Kuwaiti manpower can engage in part-time jobs without any preconditions or fees.

This move is anticipated to significantly reduce the recruitment of foreign manpower from outside the country for simple and small-scale businesses. The Sahel app will facilitate the seamless application and issuance of these part-time work permits, marking a significant step in Kuwait's labor market evolution.

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