How to Celebrate Kuwait National Day?

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 February 2024 Last update: Sunday، 25 February 2024
How to Celebrate Kuwait National Day?

Kuwait National Day is around the corner and we're sure you cannot wait for the four-day long weekend!

If you don't have many plans for this long public holiday, here is how you can celebrate Kuwait National Day.

How to Celebrate Kuwait National Day?


How to Celebrate Kuwait National Day?

There are fireworks and drone shows hosted in Kuwait City for National Day, so locals and citizens can watch these shows. 

The shows feature not only colorful fireworks, but also drone-created images of leaders and other symbols of Kuwait's cultural heritage and national identity. 

The Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Cultural Centre

The centre has set up its Outdoor Center Square with many Kuwaiti flags to celebrate the National Day.

You can visit the cultural center and take pictures at the square.

AlSadu Street and AlSadu Museum

How to Celebrate Kuwait National Day?

Image source: @saduhouse

Al Sadu Museum provides insight into Kuwait's heritage of weaving with the presentation of various cultural artefacts. 

The museum is the best place to visit during the National Day holidays to learn more about Kuwait's cultural heritage. 

AlSadu Street is a project that was recently launched and has become a popular cultural landmark as it represents Kuwait's weaving motifs and designs in the design of the street. 

AlSadu Street is a must-visit site during the National Day holidays to gain an insight into Kuwait's rich history!

Trampo Extreme

For some exciting National Day celebrations for children, visit Trampo Extreme with your young ones from Feb. 22 to Feb. 26!

Festivities will include games, magic shows, giveaways, and many other exciting things!

Keep a lookout at Kuwait Moments for the latest updates about Kuwait National Day!

Image source: @al_sherazi Instagram page

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