Kuwait Announces A Plan to Restrict its Expat Population

  • Publish date: Friday، 07 April 2023
Kuwait Announces A Plan to Restrict its Expat Population

According to a Kuwait Times report, authorities from Kuwait have advised the government to implement expat quotas. 

The recommendations in the report focused on a number of topics, including addressing the demographic imbalance, raising the calibre of expatriate workers, and lowering the proportion of unskilled expat workers

In order to ensure that no one nationality makes up more than 25% of Kuwaitis, the report also recommended setting aside a certain percentage of Kuwaitis for each nationality.

According to the report, private academic institutions in charge of researching the demography of the Emirate's population have provided the government with advice on how to deal with the imbalance of expatriates in the nation. 

The executive authority's directive to enhance public services and infrastructure for Kuwaiti citizens included the report.

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