Neighbourhood Guide: Mishref

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 January 2024 Last update: Sunday، 12 May 2024
Neighbourhood Guide: Mishref

Mishref is a suburb located in the southern part of Kuwait City, known for its blend of residential and commercial areas. Historically, Mishref has evolved from a predominantly desert region to a modern urban space, witnessing significant development in recent years. This residential district offers a mix of housing options, including villas and apartments, contributing to its diverse and growing community.

If you're planning to explore Mishref, Kuwait City, we have compiled a helpful guide to enrich your experience with insights on places to visit, dining choices, and more!

Where is Mishref?

To Mishref’s north lies the Bayan area, while to the east, it borders the residential suburb of Salwa. Heading west from Mishref leads to the Al-Jabriya district. On its southern side, Mishref neighbors the Faiha residential area, contributing to its central location within the Kuwait City metropolitan area.

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