Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

  • Publish date: Monday، 13 March 2023 Last update: Thursday، 01 February 2024
Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Whether you like it or not, social media has transformed into an infinite realms of content, welcoming all kinds of social media users to enagage with -- especially Ramadan content! During the holy month, Muslims in Kuwait and everywhere else around the world want to tke the time to celebrate and be spiritually uplifted; whether by giving back to the community, spending time with family, or eating desserts 24/7. 

Well, fear not my friends, we have your back! We've conjured up a list of the top-notch Kuwait content creators who you need to follow right now.

Here are some of the top Kuwaiti influencers to follow during Ramadan 2024:

Fashion & Lifestyle Content:

Lulwa Al Khataf

Lulwa Al Khataf is a lifestyle and travel content creator who shares her experiences through various social media platforms. Her content often includes travel vlogs that showcase her trips to countries like Italy, England, and Azerbaijan.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Only One with Curls

Meet "Only One with Curls"! A coffee enthusiast and fashionista who loves to document her daily life through her visual diary. Her Instagram page is a collection of stunning photographs that showcase her beautiful curly hair, trendy outfits of the day.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Noha Nabil

The Kuwaiti Noha Nabil launched her brand in 2020 after starting her career as a TV presenter for youth programs on various channels. With over 11.3 million followers on Instagram, she is also a popular fashion blogger and influencer.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Dalal Al Doub

Dalal Al Doub is a Kuwaiti well-known figure in the Middle East's fashion and beauty industry. In 2012, she started her blog, Dalalid, and rapidly became an influencer by sharing her daily fashion and makeup tips, aiming to empower women in the region and produce top-notch content.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan


Fjr is focused on fashion and beauty topics, and shares insights with her followers about her daily fashion choices and personal makeup tips. She also provides feedback on various beauty products through reviews on her platform.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Food & Cooking Content:

Dana Kay

A passionate food blogger and digital creator, known for her mouthwatering recipes and her ability to capture the essence of each dish through her photography and videos. She shares her creations on Instagram, inspiring foodies all around the world.

Food Ninja

If you are a food enthusiast & enjoy watching mouth-watering food videos and recipes, then you absolutely need to follow “Food Ninja”. A blog specialized in producing food content that will make your taste buds go wild. Their videos are quite appealing and short, and their food presentation is truly a work of art. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just enjoy indulging in some delicious eats, you won't regret following this amazing food content creator on TikTok. 

Spiritual Content:

Shaykh Ahmed Al Nufais

Shaykh Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali al Nufais is a Kuwaiti religious figure who currently serves as the Imam of the Grand Mosque in Kuwait. He obtained a degree in Usul al Fiqh and has had the privilege of reciting the Qur'an under the guidance of several prominent scholars.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Gaming & Entertainment Content:


AboFlah, whose real name is Hassan Suleiman, is Somali national born and raised in Kuwait and is one of the best-known influencers in the Arab world. AboFlah specializes in producing gaming and entertainment content and has more than millions of followers on his YouTube channel, with video views surpassing 4 billion! He is also very active on Instagram and Snapchat.

The famous vlogger who once did a live broadcast that lasted for 200 hours, also has a big heart, having raised $1 million in just over a day to aid refugees and the displaced in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan in a campaign with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in 2021.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Health Content:

Farah Al Qaderi

Meet Farah, a Kuwaiti-based wellness enthusiast! She is passionate about sharing her healthy recipes, workouts, and inspirations with her followers. Her social media accounts are a treasure trove of resources for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Salah Alshatti

Salah Alshatti is a fitness coach who shares fitness and wellness content on Instagram. He has also founded a gym called Sal. He is also an ambassador for lululemon Middle East.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan


Dr. Ahmad Abdul Malak is a Kuwaiti doctor and diving aficionado. He specializes in family medicine and is on a mission to provide useful and meaningful content to help people lead a healthy lifestyle. DR. Abdul Malak is a published author and has over a million follower on Instagram thanks to his engagingand informative videos. 

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

Photography Content:

Kulsum Kunwa

Kulsum Kunwa is a renowned Kuwait-based photographer who specializes in food and lifestyle photography. Her expertise in creating stunning food images has been recognized in various cookbooks, magazines, and websites globally.

Top Kuwaiti Influencers to Follow in Ramadan

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