Early Ramadan 2023 Preparation Have Begun

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 February 2023 Last update: Tuesday، 12 March 2024
Early Ramadan 2023 Preparation Have Begun

The Ministry of Awqaf has started early preparations as the holy month of Ramadan is due to start in a month for Tarawih prayers by thousands of Muslims at the sites of worship.

In a meeting held last week, the Ministry of Awqaf stepped up efforts to build a religious environment and offer worshipers in the country's more than 1,590 mosques all comfort and safety. Abdulaziz Al- Majed, the minister of justice and the minister of awqaf, emphasized the necessity for coordinated efforts and urged the heads of mosques in the six governorates to prioritize the security and comfort of worshipers.

In the greatest interest of the worshipers' safety throughout the holy month, reports claim that if maintenance work has not been completed, worshipers will not be permitted to pray in any mosque.

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