Eye Scanners to be Installed at Kuwait International Airport

  • Publish date: Friday، 17 February 2023
Eye Scanners to be Installed at Kuwait International Airport

The Ministry of Interior is setting up biometric scan features, such as iris, face, hand, and electronic signature procedures at Kuwait International Airport and all borders shortly in an effort to stop deportees from returning to Kuwait, particularly those engaged in forgeries.

The central biometric system in Kuwait is now being tested, according to First Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Acting Defense Minister Sheikh Talal A1-Khaled. The initial phase of this initiative will be accessible at all Kuwaiti entrance and departure points starting next month.

Before traveling, local and worldwide forbidden lists will be checked, along with the traveler's fingerprints, face, and iris of the eye. The security of the cars will also be examined at the ports.

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