Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Here are the details of some top Instagram influencers in Kuwait

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 February 2023 Last update: Friday، 03 March 2023
Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait
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Kuwaiti influencers have thrived on Instagram by creating content about various things including fashion, fitness, travel, lifestyle, makeup, photography, and much more.

Here is a list of some of the top Instagram influencers in Kuwait:

Lulu Al Khataf

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Lulwa Al Khataf is a travel and lifestyle, content creator. She also shares travel vlogs on Youtube. She has travelled to many places including Italy, England, and Azerbaijan.


Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Khattafya is Lulu Al Khattaf’s sister, but she is an influencer in her own right. She shares travel, fashion, and beauty content on her Instagram page. Unlike her sister, Khattafya is a gamer who shares gaming content on her Youtube channel with 1.4 million subscribers.


Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Fjr is a makeup artist and blogger. She shares fashion content on her Instagram, mostly sporting black and white looks and pastels every now and then.

Sara Al Naser

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

She is a fashion influencer who sports a lot of black and white suits and pastel jackets and trench coats. She has launched her own perfume Essencia and is about to launch her clothing line very soon. She has also collaborated with brands such as Chopard, Tamana, and Riva.

Tareq Q

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Tareq Q is a self-proclaimed sneakerhead with the coolest sneaker collection in the Middle East on Instagram. His collection includes limited edition pairs of Air Force Ones and Jordans and he regularly posts pictures on Instagram sporting these sneakers with urban and minimalistic outfits. In addition to having a day job, he runs a creative agency Out of the Box and he is about to launch his clothing brand AOTA soon.

Salah Alshatti

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Salah Alshatti is a fitness coach who shares fitness and wellness content on Instagram. He has also founded a gym called Sal. He is also an ambassador for lululemon Middle East.

Hassan Al Mosawi

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Hassan Al Mosawi shares content about daily life, fitness, and travel. He is also the Head of Communications for the Vice Chairman's Office at Zain. 

Salem Alhajri

Top Instagram Influencers in Kuwait

Salem Alhajri is a photographer who shares travel content on Instagram. He provides presets and photography courses at his online BeingSalem store.