Gulf Bank Shares 10 Travel Tips for Safe Banking Abroad

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Gulf Bank Shares 10 Travel Tips for Safe Banking Abroad

Gulf Bank continues its commitment to the “Diraya” awareness campaign, aimed at improving financial literacy across society. The bank uses social media, its website, and other platforms to share informative content.

Gulf Bank Shares 10 Travel Tips for Safe Banking Abroad

Travel Tips for Safe Banking Abroad

It’s summer time, and to ensure customer security and ease of service access during vacations abroad, Gulf Bank share ten essential travel tips:

10 Tips for Safe Banking

- Report Lost or Stolen Cards Immediately: Use the mobile banking app or contact customer service promptly to block lost or stolen cards.

- Address Card Issues Promptly: Contact customer service immediately for any card-related concerns.

- Use Local Currency: Opt for paying in the local currency to benefit from better exchange rates and enhanced security.

- Protect Your PIN: Shield your PIN when using ATMs to prevent theft.

- Avoid Seeking Help from Strangers: Refrain from accepting assistance from unfamiliar individuals at ATMs to avoid potential scams.

- Verify Payment Amounts: Always double-check payment amounts before entering your PIN to avoid errors.

- Monitor Expenses: Use the mobile banking app to track expenses and monitor card usage during travel.

- Keep PIN and OTP Confidential: Safeguard your PIN and OTP (One-Time Password); never share them with anyone.

- Verify OTP Messages: Before using OTP for payments, verify the message details, including store name and payment amount.

- Post-Travel Security Measures: Change your PIN upon returning from your trip and review all card statements. Report any discrepancies to the bank immediately.

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