Campaign for Palestine Goes Viral In Kuwait

  • Publish date: Friday، 27 October 2023
Campaign for Palestine Goes Viral In Kuwait

A boycott campaign filled the streets of Kuwait with billboards promoting a boycott of products sponsored by Israel. 

The billboards featured the question 'have you killed a Palestinian today?"

The campaign aims to show solidarity with the people of Palestine in Gaza. 

The local agents of the franchises sponsored by Israel have requested the Municipality to remove these billboards. 

The campaign has evoked mixed reactions from the people of Kuwait. 

Some have supported the call to boycott the franchises in solidarity with the Palestinians, while others have criticized the campaign's use of these billboards to be aggressive.

Various franchises internationally have been boycotted to support the people of Palestine, which has actually caused financial losses to these franchises. 

PepsiCo's shares dropped to their lowest on Oct. 12 at $157.9 per share while  McDonald's shares dropped to $245.5 per share. 

The boycott of these franchises is still promoted on social media in solidarity with Palestine. 

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