Kuwait Municipality Launches App to Report Violations

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 June 2023
Kuwait Municipality Launches App to Report Violations

The e-Baladia smartphone app was introduced by Kuwait Municipality to make it easier for people to report violations.

People can take images of the infringement and email them through the app while indicating the sort of complaint after registering through the app using Kuwait Mobile ID app verification.

The Municipality noted that consumers should receive a response within 72 hours after making a complaint, following which employees can follow up with the complaint and move further to eliminate the violation.

The app allows field teams to reach the location through GPS, said the Municipality.

Additionally, it has a function that enables Municipality staff to locate the complaint's origin using Google Maps.

According to Tariq Al-Mudaini, Director of the Information Systems Department at Kuwait Municipality, the app was created to promote active social involvement through the filing of complaints and reporting of infractions to the appropriate authorities.

He said that municipal departments treat all complaints seriously and make every attempt to fix any breaches that are brought up.

To make reporting breaches simpler, Mudaini added that the app will soon be merged with the Sahel app.

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