Almost 1000 Divorce Cases Filed in Kuwait in January and February 2023

  • Publish date: Friday، 28 April 2023
Almost 1000 Divorce Cases Filed in Kuwait in January and February 2023

The Legal Authentication Department of Kuwait's Ministry of Justice recently revealed statistics showing that 946 divorce cases were filed in January and February of the year 2023.

With 28 instances in January and 33 in February, the total number of Khula'a divorce cases, a type of divorce where the woman initiates the process without receiving any rights has reached 61. There were 152 divorces that were the result of a ruling from the court, with 89 occurring in January and 63 in February.

Out of the 946 divorce cases, 131 (67 in January and 64 in February) were filed by men with one or more wives. 61 cases, including 35 in January and 26 in February, have been filed by women before the consummation of marriage. In addition, 946 divorce cases with couples who were married in different years have been reported, with 494 occurring in January and 452 in February.

In January and February, respectively, 292 and 262 revocable divorce cases were filed for the first time. In comparison, there were 49 people who filed for the second time in February compared to 43 in January. In January and February, respectively, 123 and 119 irrevocable divorce cases were filed. In January and February, there were a total of 17 divorce cases caused by infertility.

Bassant Ossama, an Egyptian sociology teacher living in Kuwait said, "Women are educated now and have their own careers, so when they decide to get a divorce, they will not have financial worries since they can now support themselves."

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