How to Make Friends in Kuwait

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 December 2023
How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Making friends in a new country can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you are navigating the cultural landscape of Kuwait. Known for its warm hospitality and rich traditions, Kuwait offers a friendly environment for those seeking meaningful connections. Here's a guide on how to make friends in Kuwait, ensuring a smoother integration into the vibrant social fabric of this Arabian Gulf nation.

Here are some simple tips on how to make friends in this welcoming country:

Explore the Neighborhood

Take a stroll around your new neighborhood in Kuwait, visit local shops, and greet your neighbors. You'll find the atmosphere is warm and people are open to making new friends, so don't hesitate to initiate a simple "hello" – it can often lead to a friendly chat.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Learn the Local Language

Many language schools in Kuwait offer a range of language courses besides Arabic. Registering with one of them can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Showing an effort to learn a few basic Arabic phrases can earn you respect and appreciation from locals.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Use Social Media

There are numerous social media groups and forums specific to Kuwait where locals and newcomers connect. These online communities often arrange meetups and events, providing an easy way to establish initial contacts and make friends with common interests.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Do Outdoor Activities

Go out as much as possible and indulge in the activities available. Whether you prefer to hang out at a shopping mall, do sports, or visit places of interest, you will meet new people and create memorable ties.

Join a Club

If you don't know how to keep yourself busy in your free time, try joining a club or group. If you like sports or reading, you'll likely meet people sharing the same interests and passion and build new connections. 

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Take Classes or Courses

Kuwait offers a wide array of classes from culinary workshops to cybersecurity courses. By enrolling in one of these classes, you'll have the opportunity to meet individuals who share your curiosity for learning and self-improvement.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait


Volunteering in Kuwait is not just about giving back to the community. It's also an excellent way to build meaningful friendships. Whether you're assisting at a local charity or participating in a neighborhood cleanup, you'll meet like-minded people who are passionate about making a positive impact on the community.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Attend Community Events

Kuwait hosts numerous cultural festivals, food markets, and community gatherings. These events are not only an excellent way to experience the rich culture of the city but also to connect with locals and fellow newcomers. 

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Be Open and Approachable

Approachability and a friendly demeanor can go a long way in Kuwait. A simple smile, polite greetings, and genuine interest in getting to know people can be the key to initiating conversations and building friendships.

How to Make Friends in Kuwait

Patience is Key

Making friends is a gradual process, so remain patient. It may not happen overnight, but with determination and a welcoming attitude, you'll soon find yourself surrounded by new friends who are eager to embrace you as a part of the community. 

Enjoy your time in Kuwait, and relish the friendships you'll build along the way!

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