Kuwait Enters Hottest Season with Extreme Temperatures

  • Publish date: Thursday، 30 May 2024
Kuwait Enters Hottest Season with Extreme Temperatures

The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center declared that the hottest season of the year will begin on June 7, with temperatures expected to soar in the coming weeks.

Transition to Dry Weather

As the season progresses, the weather will become increasingly dry over the next two weeks, according to the center's press release.

Al-Bateen Rainstorm Phase

The country has entered the Al-Bateen rainstorm phase, signaling the final stage of the canna season, lasting for 13 days. This period signifies the onset of intense summer heat, with short or non-existent shadows and direct overhead sun rays.

Kuwait Enters Hottest Season with Extreme Temperatures

Extreme High Temperatures

Temperatures are set to rise significantly, especially in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The rising of the Al-Bateen star brings strong northwesterly winds, leading to temperature spikes from sunrise to sunset and occasional dusty conditions.

Lengthening Daylight Hours

During the Al-Bateen period, daylight hours will extend to over 13 hours and 47 minutes, while nighttime will shorten, with sunset occurring around 6:40 PM.

Preparing for Severe Heat

The Al-Ujairi Scientific Center's announcement serves as a warning for the region to brace for severe heat. Residents are urged to take necessary precautions as temperatures escalate.

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