Kuwaitis Cast Votes in Country Elections With Higher Expectations

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 06 June 2023
Kuwaitis Cast Votes in Country Elections With Higher Expectations

Voters in Kuwait are heading to the polls for the third time since December 2020 to choose a new parliament that they hope will halt the nearly two decades of constant dispute over politics that have slowed growth despite enormous oil revenue.

The National Assembly, which was elected in 2020 for the second time after the constitutional court restored it following its initial dissolution, was dissolved by HH the Amir, requiring the calling of the elections, the seventh in the last 11 years.

The "Nation 2023" elections had a large turnout of voters of all ages in the five constituencies, showing that the extreme heat of the weather was not a barrier to voting.

After Kuwait proclaimed its independence in 1961, the country's first parliament was established in 1963.

There is positive cooperation between the various parties to facilitate the voting process so that the participants come out in the best way appropriate to Kuwait's civilized position, regardless of regional variations in the percentage of arrivals and turnout. 

The elections, which will be watched over by local civil organizations, will be overseen by around 1,157 judges. A large police presence is also set up to monitor the voting process.

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