Sahel App Not Hacked, Says Sahel Spokesperson

The spokesperson assured that the Sahel app faced temporary issues.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 April 2024
Sahel App Not Hacked, Says Sahel Spokesperson

The spokesperson of the Sahel application Yousef Kadham denied on Wednesday, Apr. 17 that the Sahel app was hacked. 

The news about the app being hacked came about after some users reported they received messages from the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha).

Kadhem explained that Nazaha added a new service for individuals subject to financial disclosure. After the service was added, notifications were sent to the app's users, which exceeded 1.7 million. 

This affected the Sahel app's performance, slowed the service, and prevented access to some services. 

Furthermore, cybersecurity expert Muhammad Al-Rashidi assured that the Sahel app is the safest government app and it faces only temporary issues because of increased usage. 

Al Rashidi said, "People can access the application by simply giving it time and restarting the application."

"Those whose application has crashed can delete and redownload the app," he added, assuring that the Sahel app will operate normally again. 

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