Russia to Ease the Tourist Visa Application for Kuwaitis

  • Publish date: Sunday، 05 March 2023
Russia to Ease the Tourist Visa Application for Kuwaitis

According to the Russian Embassy, it is stated that the Russian Federation has decided on upgrading its visa regime starting effectively on March 6 to make things easier in terms of the tourist visa application and the issuance process for citizens of different countries including Kuwait.

Under the new regulations, individuals holding Kuwaiti passports can obtain a tourist visa that is valid for three months with either single or double entry by providing a confirmation of their hotel booking.

Additionally, the procedure for acquiring multiple-entry tourist visas has also been simplified, with the visa's validity extended to six months.

On Thursday, this came with the occasion of marking the Russian Defender of the Motherland Day organized by the Russian Embassy at its location in Daiya. The occasion celebrates the valiant history of the Russian military forces and their connection with all generations of defenders of the motherland.

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