Kuwait Allocates Around 8,000 Pilgrims for Hajj

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 11 January 2023
Kuwait Allocates Around 8,000 Pilgrims for Hajj
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Kuwait signed on Monday a Hajj agreement allocating some 8,000 pilgrims from Kuwait. The deal for the year 1444 of the Hijri calendar was signed by Minister Abdulaziz Al-Majid of Kuwait, also State Minister for Integrity Promotion, and Minister Tawfeeq Al-Rabiah of Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia will return to pre-pandemic levels this year after restrictions saw the annual religious commemoration curtailed over concerns about the coronavirus, authorities announced on Tuesday.

in 2020, amid the lockdowns sparked by the pandemic, Saudi Arabia drastically curtailed the Hajj with as as few as 1,000 residents of Saudi Arabia permitted to take part.

It was an unprecedented move unseen even during the 1918 flu epidemic that killed tens of millions worldwide. In 2021, some 60,000 residents of Saudi Arabia attended. 

The Hajj, one of the main pillars of Islam, represents one of the world’s largest gatherings of people.