Kuwaiti Innovator Introduces Legal Platform at GITEX Event

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 18 October 2023
Kuwaiti Innovator Introduces Legal Platform at GITEX Event

During the GITEX Global 2023 exhibition in Dubai, Kuwaiti innovator Khaled Al-Rashed introduced "oqoud," a cutting-edge global legal platform utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in both English and Arabic.

Al-Rashed, the CEO of the platform, emphasized that the choice to launch it in the UAE was due to its highly advanced legal technology landscape.

Presently in a trial phase involving technology experts, the platform is designed for lawyers, advisors, judges, business owners, and law students worldwide. The platform's AI technology assists in presenting various laws, suggestions for law amendments, and detailed legal documents. Al-Rashed noted that additional primary languages, such as Indian, Chinese, and Spanish, will soon be incorporated into the platform.

The demand for legal technologies is on the rise, with AI significantly reducing costs and time associated with legal tasks, as stated by Al-Rashed.

Lawyer Al-Rashed, a graduate of Sharjah University's law faculty in the UAE, conceived the Oqoud platform in 2022, making it a testament to the growing trend of leveraging technology in the legal landscape.

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