Kuwait Uses Robot Devices to Perform Two Operations on the Same Day

  • Publish date: Sunday، 22 October 2023 Last update: Thursday، 26 October 2023
Kuwait Uses Robot Devices to Perform Two Operations on the Same Day

Kuwait's Ministry of Health (MoH) has revealed the use of the world's newest surgical robot devices to perform two different medical operations on the same day. 

The robot, Da Vinci Xi, was used in the operation conducted on Wednesday at the Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Center to remove a prostate from a patient suffering from a cancerous tumor, the ministry said in a statement on Saturday. 

On the same day, another robot, Da Vinci Si, was used to remove the kidney of another patient who also suffered from a cancerous tumor.

Dr. Saad Aldousari, a robotic surgeon at the center, said that Da Vinci Xi is one of the latest technologies applied in robotic surgeries and is used in multiple specialties. 

Aldousari added that the operation performed using this device is characterized by low bleeding, and does not require large incisions and wounds, and reduces the patient's hospital stay, noting that the two patients left the center the next day. 

What distinguishes surgical operations performed using a robot compared to a normal endoscope is the perfect 10-fold magnified and three-dimensional vision, in addition to the robot's hands having extreme precision, he added.

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