First AI News Anchor 'Fedha' Makes News Headlines in Kuwait

  • Publish date: Monday، 10 April 2023
First AI News Anchor 'Fedha' Makes News Headlines in Kuwait

Kuwait News announced the introduction of a virtual reporter named 'Fedha' (which means "Silver" in English), the first AI news anchor used by a news service in Kuwait. This Arabic-speaking AI news anchor has the capability to learn and develop with the aid of live videos and works 24/7.

In her debut broadcast, 'Fedha' introduced herself as the first AI anchor in Kuwait and requested followers to suggest the kind of news they are interested in hearing.

The introduction of 'Fedha', the first AI news anchor in Kuwait, has garnered attention from various global news agencies. These agencies have covered the story and have featured pictures of people watching the news being read by the AI anchor, which reflects their recognition of the significance of incorporating innovative methods in media.

The coverage of this story by various international news outlets demonstrates the growing interest in and importance of technology in the field of journalism.

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