4 Ways elGrocer is Making Iftaar Meal Planning Easier Than Ever

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 18 April 2023
4 Ways elGrocer is Making Iftaar Meal Planning Easier Than Ever

elGrocer made it all seamless.  

With easy top-ups, in-store prices, and 60-minute delivery, it aims to relieve stress from customers' grocery shopping.  

600+ on-app stores. 10,000+ types of products.  

These are just a few elements defining the online grocery store - elGrocer!  

The big news is - elGrocer has introduced new additions which have made Iftaar meal planning extremely convenient. 

Founded in 2015, elGrocer is an online grocery shopping platform that spans across 7 Emirates. The app provides a transformed grocery shopping experience to customers who do not wish to toil in the scorching Middle East heat wave. 

elGrocer has transformed the way customers shop for groceries in the Middle East region. The app has conveniently tackled all the pain points of grocery shoppers, which required them to physically hunt for different products.  

To make your Ramadan even more comfortable, elGrocer provides its expertise for healthy meal planning. In just four steps, they have ensured that all a person needs to focus on is their Maghrib prayer. 

The features provided on the platform include:  

  • All Ramadan offers under one roof for a rapid scan  

  • Quick, easy, and delicious recipes on the app  

  • Fast delivery within 60 minutes  

  • Unbeatable offers and excellent deals  

The user-friendly interface makes it even easier for customers to place their orders with a few taps. In addition, the platform also offers help from a chat assistant in case the customers find difficulty navigating through its e-shelves!  

elGrocer understands the importance of carving out time in a jampacked schedule. That's why they have made grocery shopping for Iftaar as comfortable an experience as swiping through social media apps!  

It won't be an overstatement to say that planning for Iftaar meals has never been easier before!  

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