World Clean Up Day - Together For A Clean Earth

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022 Last update: Monday، 18 September 2023
World Clean Up Day - Together For A Clean Earth

A worrying, disappointing, and embarrassing 2.12 billion tonnes of waste is produced annually, which leads to serious environmental health issues. While the figures have been disturbing, efforts have been made to minimize Global Solid Waste production. Going green initiatives have been helpful, but a major stepping stone in the journey has been World Clean-up Day.

What is World Clean-up Day?

Every year in September, World Clean-up Day is celebrated, with a goal to minimize global waste production by litter clean-up' and waste mapping activities. The goal is to rid our lovely planet of trash. In 2021, the day is scheduled to be celebrated on the 18th of September. Official statements declare that the day's ambition is to minimize the flow of waste in our available water sources, especially oceans that produce about 70% of the World's oxygen.

The event is coordinated by the global organization "Let's do it", World, with their headquarters in Tallin, Estonia. 

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Background and Statistical Data

The inaugural World Clean-up Day back in 2018 was held on the 15th of September across 157 countries. 88,500 tonnes of waste were collected on the day with the involvement of 18 million people. In the following year, 21 Million people collected 100,000 tonnes of waste. In 2020, the numbers saw a decline because of Covid-restrictions and constrained activities.

This year the target is to unite 20 million people from 180 different countries for the cause of this planet.

Activities and Ways to Engage

There is no standard limit to the number of ways to contribute to World Clean-up Day. However, the common methods include:

  • Map local waste spots
  • Participate in a local clean-up
  • Donating different amounts of money to support World Clean-up Day
  • Plantation Drives.
  • Educate communities and people on proper disposal techniques and waste management.
  • Businesses and Industries can conduct a waste audit of their disposal practices.
  • Cleaning up Water Bodies.

Learn more!

Volunteers can register for the World Clean up Day activities by registering on the official website.

The planet belongs to us all, and we all have responsibilities towards it. Play your part this year by actively participating in the World Clean-up Day and minimizing the Global Waste production.
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