Kuwait to Deport Visit Visa Violators Including Sponsors

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 March 2024
Kuwait to Deport Visit Visa Violators Including Sponsors

Kuwait's Ministry of Interior has intensified its crackdown on visa violations, with Lieutenant General Salem Al-Nawaf stressing stringent enforcement of laws to curb infractions on recently permitted visit visas.

Strict Enforcement Measures
Security sources from the Ministry of Interior revealed that Lieutenant General Salem Al-Nawaf, the Ministry's Undersecretary, emphasized the rigorous enforcement of laws concerning violations of visit visas. Individuals overstaying the allowed duration, typically one month, will now be granted an additional week to rectify their violation. Failure to comply, along with paying fines, will lead to deportation for both the visitor and their sponsor.

Efforts for Residency Status Regularization
In response to the Ministry's decision to regularize residency status for violators, 652 individuals submitted requests on the first day of the grace period at Residency Affairs Departments. The grace period commenced on Sunday, March 17, and extends until June 17. Among them, 258 expatriates departed the country via the airport after authorities confirmed they had no outstanding financial fines and were not wanted.

Collaborative Effort
The Ministry of Interior, alongside relevant departments, has initiated the process of receiving residency law violators seeking to adjust their status or depart the country during the grace period. This collaborative effort, involving multiple administrations, aims to facilitate the regularization of residency status for violators by the deadline.

Terms for Grace Period
The Ministry outlined terms for the grace period, allowing violators to amend their status after paying fines and following specified procedures. Departing individuals during this period may return under new procedures. However, those who fail to rectify their status or leave within the grace period will face legal penalties, deportation, and a ban on re-entry.

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