Kuwaiti Fashion Influencer's Drunk Driving Kills Three People

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 29 August 2023 Last update: Wednesday، 30 August 2023
Kuwaiti Fashion Influencer's Drunk Driving Kills Three People

Kuwaiti fashion blogger Fatima Almomen was taken into custody following a car accident that resulted in three fatalities and one injury, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Interior in the Gulf country.

As per the ministry's declaration, the incident occurred on the evening of Thursday, August 24th, in Kuwait. Photos from the scene reveal significant damage to the white Bentley that Fatima was driving.

The four people who were involved in the car crash were transported to the hospital. Three of them tragically lost their lives.

Footage from security cameras indicated that Fatima Almomen went through a red traffic light.

According to a report by Khaleej Times, investigations revealed that the injured driver and passenger were driving the vehicle while under the influence of "intoxicating substances," driving at an unsafe speed, and disregarding a red traffic signal. These factors led to the accident.

Additionally, the insurance for the vehicle she was driving had also expired.

As of August 28th, Fatima Almomen has been held in custody for a period of 10 days. Due to being charged with 10 additional counts, there is a possibility that she could potentially receive a prison sentence of up to four years.

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