Philippines Eyes Banning 'Mukbang’ After Vlogger’s Death

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 09 July 2024
Philippines Eyes Banning 'Mukbang’ After Vlogger’s Death

The Philippines' health department is exploring the possibility of prohibiting 'mukbang' videos following the tragic death of a popular food content creator in Iligan City.

Tragic Incident Sparks Investigation

The vlogger reportedly passed away due to a stroke, prompting Philippine Health Secretary Teddy Herbosa to issue a public health advisory against mukbang videos and call for their regulation.

Philippines Eyes Banning 'Mukbang’ After Vlogger’s Death

Health Risks Highlighted

According to Herbosa, mukbang involves overeating for the sake of content creation, which poses serious health risks. Overeating can lead to obesity, which in turn increases the risk of hypertension, heart conditions, and other non-communicable diseases, including heart attacks.

Potential for Eating Disorders

Herbosa also warned that watching mukbang videos could influence viewers to develop eating disorders as they imitate the behavior for financial gain.

Philippines Eyes Banning 'Mukbang’ After Vlogger’s Death

Consideration of Mukbang Ban

"If it is proven that the vlogger's death was linked to mukbang, we may consider banning it locally and seek support from relevant authorities to restrict these platforms," Herbosa emphasized. He likened the phenomenon to "food pornography" due to its promotion of unhealthy eating habits.

Philippines Eyes Banning 'Mukbang’ After Vlogger’s Death

Controversy Over Food Consumption

In 2017, Senator Cynthia Villar sparked controversy by proposing to ban unlimited rice servings in restaurants and food establishments. Despite this, unlimited rice remains immensely popular in the Filipino food scene to this day.

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