Do You Know Who's Mama Anisa Also Known as “Mother of Kuwaitis”?

  • Publish date: Saturday، 16 September 2023
Do You Know Who's Mama Anisa Also Known as “Mother of Kuwaitis”?

Mama Anisa was a revolutionary Kuwaiti woman in the media who was well-known throughout the Arab world for her work in children's media, notably in the Arabian Peninsula.

Her impact extended generations, winning prestigious honors like "Habibat Al-Arab" (Beloved by the Arabs), "Mother of Kuwaitis," and simply "Mama Anisa."

Anisa Mohamed Jaafar was born in Kuwait City in the 1930s, and her early education was completed at the "Kutatib" or Al Qabaleeya School for Girls. She and her husband moved to London in the 1950s in order to become fluent in English. During this time, she took a number of courses at the BBC. Upon her return to Kuwait, she made important contributions to education, especially in the development of the courses for Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Physical Education.

In the 1960s, Mama Anisa made the switch to television and rose to fame with her well-known show "Mama Anisa with Children," which had a lasting impact on several generations.

However, her influence went beyond television. Her life was honored in the book "Mama Anisa: Between Yesterday's Childhood and Today's Adulthood" by researcher Abrar Ahmed.

She was honored in the documentary "A Woman from the Beautiful Past" by director Nawal Al-Obaidan. Her lasting influence was so great that certain schools were dedicated in her honor, and the country's Emir gave her a touching call on Mother's Day to express his gratitude.

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